IRS Tax Debt Solutions


With just one swipe of the pen, the Internal Revenue Service can confiscate your property, savings, checking account and garnish your wages. If you have an IRS problem, you need someone who knows the tax laws and taxpayers rights. Sentinel Tax Management has an assortment of IRS Tax Debt Solutions. You need an attorney educated in tax laws! Taking on the IRS, trying to handle tax liability by yourself is not an easy task and it is not recommended. Sentinel Tax Management is an attorney driven company with an experienced staff that have helped many people such as yourself lower their tax liability and in some cases eliminate tax bills. Sentinel Tax Management can put relief and comfort back into your life.                          
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  • End Wage Garnishments
  • Settle Back Taxes
  • Settle Payroll Taxes
  • Release IRS Lien
  • Reduce IRS Penalties
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Stop IRS Levy and Seizure
  • Innocent/Injured Spouse

  • CALL  1-800-966-4082
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